Responsible Business

Proactive, innovative and socially conscious representation

We believe that doing business responsibly matters and benefits our clients, our people, the legal industry and the community and markets in which we are active and to which we are accountable.

Our Responsible Business Strategy encompasses our Pro Bono and Social Commitment Programmes and our commitments to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and reducing our environmental footprint.
Responsible Business Strategy
Our clients trust us to passionately protect and promote their interests. Exceptional lawyers work within and across teams to offer excellent service in line with international professional and ethical standards of care.

Acting with responsibility to the legal industry and the community and markets in which we are active is the cornerstone of our practice and drives all our relationships.
Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
Bernitsas Law promotes and applies the principles of non-discrimination, fairness and equal opportunities to the way it works and delivers its services, all aspects of its professional dealings and all its policies and procedures. This includes its relationships with clients, suppliers and third parties, the engagement of professional services and the instruction of experts.
Pro Bono Programme
Through our pro bono programme, we help provide access to the law and justice for those who cannot otherwise afford legal representation, support the work of non-profits and charities and participate in NGO-run research projects. We devote our resources, energy and enthusiasm to acting:

FOR NON-PROFITS AND CHARITIES, helping to secure their long-term funding and operation by advising them on their structuring, tax efficiency and fund-raising techniques and management.

ON HUMAN RIGHTS CASES involving the impact of acts of government, the State and supranational authorities and companies on the rights of individuals in areas such as access to justice, asylum and expropriation of property.

ON SOCIAL IMPACT MATTERS and issues in the public interest.
Social Commitment Programme
We support over 30 organisations involved in the welfare of children and vulnerable members of the community, higher and lower education, culture and the arts on an ongoing basis by way of sponsorship and donations.