Our team guides local and multinational companies and their employees through this highly regulated and continuously developing area of law.

We focus on understanding our clients' aims and concerns and providing in-depth and tailored advice.

At the core of our practice is advising on the human resources and employee relations issues which arise on an everyday basis in any business, whether these are run of the mill or challenging. Our experienced lawyers act in an advisory capacity and in the context of transactions, advising on the employment aspects of mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, privatisations, transfers of undertaking and voluntary exit plans.

Collective Agreements & Industrial Relations
We act in disputes arising from union relations and industrial action. We have substantial experience in participating in negotiations with trade unions and work councils, in particular when collective consultation obligations have been activated. We also advise on mass and collective workforce reductions and redundancy programmes.
Employment Contracts
We advise businesses and their employees on a strategic and day-to-day basis on the recruitment, management, retirement and dismissal of personnel. We document employment contracts, both standard form and tailored, consultancy and other outsourcing agreements. We are specialised in advising on the contractual and legal terms and conditions of employment and their bilateral or unilateral modification, as well as terms imposed through company policies, employment regulations or collective employment agreements, and those applying to special categories of employees and foreign nationals. We also advise on the termination of employment contracts or other types of service agreement, such as consultancy, agency and advisory, and in cases of both collective and individual dismissals.
Employment Disputes
We represent clients in the case of employee complaints and disciplinary procedures and in litigation arising from employer-employee relationships, dismissals, accidents at work and professional liability.
Pensions, Incentives & Compensation
Our team has an expertise in advising employers and employees on remuneration and bonuses, executive pay, share option schemes, benefits, private pensions and social security. We assist employers in the structuring, modification and termination of incentive and pension schemes, holiday and leave allowances and flexible employment packages, as well as the associated benefits and risks.
Regulations & Compliance
Our team is expert in advising on compliance with the complex legislative and regulatory framework in place and managing the risks associated with it. We structure and draft employment regulations, company policies and codes of conduct. We advise on employment data protection, the effect and requirements of privacy laws in the workplace and restriction of trade, confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation provisions, as well as employer obligations in terms of health and safety at work.
Recent Experience
Crown Holdings Advice on Sale of Majority Stake to KPS Capital Partners
We advised Crown Holdings Inc on the employment law aspects of the Greek leg of its definitive agreement to sell 80% of its European Tinplate business to KPS Capital Partners LP for approximately €1.9bn.
Employment Issues in CVC Acquisitions
We advised CVC on employment law issues in the context of the acquisitions of an insurance company (Ethiniki Asfalistiki), a major Greek dairy company Dodoni SA and Vivartia Holdings, a diversified food company in Greece.
Brand Retail Company Employment Advice
We are advising a brand retail company on employment law matters in the context of the establishment of a new company in Greece, including TUPE issues, day-to-day matters and employment agreements.
Employment Advice to Multinational Entertainment Company
We advised a multinational entertainment and media conglomerate in relation to employment agreements required for the production of a series of films in Greece.
€4.7m Employment Litigation
We represent a company in the defence of a claim before the Court initiated by its founder and former CEO for severance pay and damages amounting to c.€4.7m.
Advice to a Natural Cosmetics Company
We advise a natural cosmetics company on employment matters arising from its day to day activities, including compliance with Covid-19 legislation regarding teleworking, rotation and part time employment, termination of employment agreements, procedures before the Body of Labour Inspectors and employment litigation issues.
Ongoing Advice to Sealed Air
We advise Sealed Air on day to day employment issues arising in the course of their business, including separation agreements.
Advice to Monster Energy
We have been advising the Greek branch of Monster Energy, a beverage corporation, on employment law matters arising from the operation of its branch in Greece, including employment agreements, social security contributions and share plans.
Ongoing Advice to IT and Software Company
We advise a software company on an ongoing basis on employment matters including employment contracts of employees, executives and the management team and compliance with new Covid-19 legislation regarding teleworking, rotation and part time employment.
Ongoing Advice to Global Biopharmaceutical Company
We advise a global biopharmaceutical company on a wide range of matters arising in the course of their day to day business, including separation agreements, termination of employment and related litigation, implementation of policies, adoption of employment regulations, teleworking and data protection compliance.
Advice to Media Company
We are advising a major media company on Covid-19 related issues and compliance with new legislation on teleworking, rotation, part time employment and the suspension of employment contracts, as well as on issues relating to the hiring and redundancy of employees in the context of reality television programmes, working hours, overtime, relations with the labour authorities and Social Security Fund and data privacy issues.
Employment Contracts
We are advising a luxury goods manufacturer in relation to compliance with Covid-19 legislation regarding teleworking, rotation and part time employment, employee expatriation, employment contracts and employment law issues arising in the course of their day to day business.
Advice to Insurance Company
We advise the subsidiary of a multinational insurance group on terminations of employment, voluntary exits, social security issues and employment agreements of management personnel.
BMW Employment Advice
We provide ongoing employment law advice to BMW Hellas on a wide range employment matters including compliance with regulatory requirements, employment contracts, dismissals, data privacy and employment related private insurance.
Voluntary Exit Plans
We advised a financial services company on drafting their voluntary exit plan and separation agreements.
Employment Issues in Energy Sector
We advised the shareholders of a leading energy company on the labour law issues arising from employment contracts, collective labour agreements, outsourcing, termination of employment and payments to members of the Board.