The Legal 500 EMEA 2021 Client Testimonials

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Banking, Finance & Capital Markets

‘The team is highly skilled in the field and provides prompt and accurate responses to our problems and requests. Their banking and finance team is among the top teams in the Greek market.’ ‘Athanasia Tsene is always available when needed and has extensive knowledge of the field.’ ‘In-depth knowledge of a great variety of areas of law, including everything related to the banking sector.’ ‘Athanasia Tsene and Dionysis Flambouras are both a pleasure to work with. Athanasia is the person to ask if a complex legal issue arises.’ ‘A diverse team with particular strength (probably best in the country) in both debt and equity capital markets transactions in Greece.’ ‘Very experienced, with thorough knowledge of the Greek equity and debt capital markets, well established and very well connected with the regulators and local authorities, responsive and close to the customer.’ ‘The team is very knowledgeable and responsive. We have worked together on several transactions now and I can always rely on them to support us on transactions from a Greek law perspective. Technically very able. In my view Bernitsas is one of the top Greek firms in the market.’ ‘Athanasia Tsene and Nikos Papachristopoulos are both key contacts. Very technically able, and also take a commercial approach on transactions. They are also always extremely available and reliable.’

Commercial, Corporate and M&A

‘An excellent law firm across a range of corporate law matters. It has had a stable partner base over a number of years, and has highly experienced banking and M&A teams.’ ‘Pleasant to work with, readily available, hardworking and diligent, with excellent negotiating skills.’ ‘A highly experienced and professional team with very broad knowledge of legal issues that a corporation may need for its business.’ ‘We value their knowledge, experience, professionalism, hard work and availability. Moreover, their advice does not stick only to the legal aspects of a deal but they are able to assist the client with overcoming the difficulties arising over negotiations to successfully conclude the deal. This is always combined with their ability to correctly present all the risks to the client and assist with evaluating them.’ ‘The team has hands-on experience in a diverse range of corporate matters and provides sound and pragmatic advice in a timely, concise and efficient manner. In addition, they have a very good understanding of in-house practice, which is very important and helpful.’ ‘Lambros Belessis is very professional, has deep knowledge of a variety of matters and provides business-oriented and straightforward advice. Evi Kitsou has extensive knowledge and experience in regulatory matters; she is responsive and combines strategic thinking with care for details. They are both a pleasure to work with.’ ‘Nikos Papachristopoulos is always available and willing to help deal with complex matters.’

Dispute Resolution

‘Bernitsas Law has a team of litigation lawyers who are dedicated to their clients, highly professional and experts in their specialist areas. They are very prompt with their responses and their legal opinions are always very clear and informed.’ ‘We are very happy with the way Christos Paraskevopoulos and Pelina Leontiadou have handled our cases over the last seven-plus years and the results achieved in a string of very complicated and difficult cases.’ ‘Professionalism, expertise, responsiveness, flexibilty.’ ‘Professionals with 360-degree expertise and a high level of responsiveness.’ ‘A very experienced and highly professional team that is constantly available, providing speedy and reliable services. They assess cases not only from a legal perspective but also from a strategic business point of view, which is extremely important for clients. They are very competent, highly committed and effective even under very pressing deadlines.’ ‘Very assertive lawyers who deliver results.’ ‘The whole team is very efficient, high qualified and professional.’ ‘Panayotis Bernitsas is without doubt a leading litigator – he is excellent and highly appreciated. Dimitris Roussis is a highly qualified and successful administrative law litigator. Stella Papakosta is an efficient lawyer in administrative law litigation. Evangelos Mamalakis is an excellent litigator – he pays attention to the details, organises cases perfectly, provides excellent arguments, and never gives up!’


EU and Competition

‘The entire team has business acumen and understanding; it is results-oriented and offers great value to businesses.’ ‘Panayotis Bernitsas understands his clients’ needs. He combines his advanced academic credentials with a very practical approach that enables him to liaise easily with clients. Marina Androulakakis is thorough and persistent, she inspires confidence and is extremely trustworthy.’ ‘Exceptionally good professionals, with a thorough knowledge of competition issues and a very good understanding of business. All are individuals of great integrity and they work very well as a team.’ ‘Panayotis Bernitsas is an extraordinary legal practitioner with deep knowledge of EU and competition matters and business awareness. Marina Androulakakis is an excellent lawyer with a deep and broad understanding competition law. Tania Patsalia is trustworthy and driven.’ ‘Competence and clarity.’ ‘We got a positive decision in a complicated matter thanks to Tania Patsalia and Marina Androulakakis.’


‘Deep knowledge of legislation through the last year when there were a lot of changes in Greek labour law due to the Covid-19 situation.’ ‘Responsive and give clear instructions.’ ‘The team is fully up-to-date on any labour law developments and is able to provide credible information and advice which facilitates the decision-making from the customer side.’ ‘Response to our requests are always provided within the day or the next day at the latest.’ ‘Katia Papantonopoulou’s professionalism is exceptional. She always makes time to receive calls and requests, providing accurate feedback and advice. During the Covid-19 labour law developments, she was a trusted partner for our firm and our group, providing us with credible information and advice, shortly after the official announcements by the government. She is also very organised and a really pleasant personality to work with.’


‘Bernitsas Law Firm has a team of lawyers who are dedicated to their clients, highly professional and experts in their fields of specialisation. They are very prompt with their responses and their legal opinions are always very clear and informed. It is important for us to receive a reliable legal opinion very quickly and to be able to talk to the right lawyer when we need to. In other firms that do not have the organisational structure of Bernitsas, it can take ages to receive the requested legal opinion or to be able to talk with a specific lawyer.’ ‘We work closely with Lambros Belessis and Evi Kitsou. We have an excellent working relationship with them and their team and they are always available to offer their expert legal opinions and advice.’

Intellectual Property

‘Proactive, professional, efficient and to the point, with deep knowledge of IP issues.’ ‘Lambros Belessis and Aristeidis Papathanasiou are excellent lawyers, efficient and responsive.’

Projects and Privatisation

‘A very good team with an excellent structure and understanding of the market. They really know all the relevant stakeholders and can make a difference in competitive processes.’ ‘Yannis Seiradakis and Nikos Papachristopoulos are very responsive and provide work of the highest quality. Stella Papakosta is one to watch; she is very proactive and diligent.’ ‘This team is available 24/7 to advise the client on complicated project finance issues, with a serious, business-oriented perspective. They possess solid, in-depth knowledge of the Greek and international markets.’ ‘Yannis Seiradakis and Stella Papakosta are simply outstanding. They are probably the best project finance lawyers in the country!’ ‘Great professionalism, business acumen, immediate responses, dedication, expanded and in-depth knowledge.’ ‘Yannis Seiradakis is exceptional – he has a great professional record and is an expert with a strong intellect and business mind, working closely with the client and dedicating himself to each project.’

Real Estate and Construction

It is a great team, they are always available and know the market very well.’ ‘Nikos Vouhiounis is a great lawyer, with a great understanding of the commercial issues at play.’ ‘Bernitsas Law Firm combines many years of legal experience in virtually all specialties of Greek and international law, from M&A to finance, real estate, and employment statutes. Their legal staff provide an accessible and efficient service throughout the whole country.’ ‘Christina Zakopoulou brings professionalism and understanding to complex issues. She makes the client’s problems her own.’ ‘They speak very good English and they are always available.’ ‘Nikos Vouhiounis is amazing – someone you can trust and rely on.’


‘Results were delivered on time and covered all requested specifications.’ ‘The professionalism was outstanding.’ ‘Very strong and efficient team; excellent level of services; prompt and accurate input; high level of professionalism; deep knowledge of the relevant subjects.’ ‘Very deep knowledge of the topics and of the market. Easily accessible for questions, friendly and organised, with a high level of experience in the specified topics and a high quality of work. In addition, they provided prompt input and were very efficient, even in very difficult or complicated cases.’ ‘They cautiously give answers, taking into consideration different parameters. A highly professional attitude with appropriate knowledge and perfect consultancy.’ ‘The team is brilliant to work with; their research and development of the case and how quickly they are able to grasp information to a very high level is outstanding. They make themselves available at all times in order to help their clients. We were very happy with their work on our case.’ ‘Brilliant team members who ensured an outstanding result for our case.’ ‘Dedicated team members, who strive for the best outcomes.’


‘High level of responsiveness and clear answers.’ ‘The people who deal with tax issues have a very good and detailed knowledge not only of the tax legislation but also of the financial issues.’ ‘Very deep knowledge of their field, good communication and availability.’ ‘They have advanced knowledge of complex legislation and can provide solutions to various issues in the area.’ ‘Fotodotis Malamas is an exceptional tax lawyer with deep knowledge of the field.’ ‘The team always keeps us up to speed with all tax legislative changes in the country.’ ‘Fotodotis Malamas is an highly responsive professional with deep knowledge of the tax legislation in Greece, providing clear and up-to-date advice on time.’

White-Collar Crime

‘Professionalism and high level of responsiveness.’

The Legal 500 EMEA 2021 Recognition

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