Employment Briefing: Covid-19 Special Edition Vol.6

Ou Employment Briefing provides an overview of Circular 14676/253/7.4.2020, Ministerial Decision 14556/448/7.4.2020 and a Draft Bill adopted by the Greek Parliament on 9 April 2020, which clarify the implementation of urgent employment measures arising out of Covid-19, including:

  • Provisions Related to Branches of Businesses Whose Operation Has Been Suspended by Virtue of a Public Authority Order
  • Corrections, Additions or Revocations of Employer and Employee Solemn Declarations
  • Revocation of the Suspension of Employment Contracts for Urgent Needs
  • Time Limitations for Submission of Applications and Corrections, Additions or Revocations
  • Extension of Deadlines for Submissions of Remote Work, Security Personnel Tables and Tables of Transport of Personnel
  • Extension of Suspension of Employers’ Obligations towards ERGANI Concerning Employees’ Working Hours
  • Extension of Special Purpose Leaves
  • Extension of 40% Rent Reductions to Businesses Seriously Affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Employment Briefing: Covid-19 Special Edition Vol.6

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