Banking, Finance & Capital Markets Briefing: Covid-19 Special Edition

Our Banking, Finance & Capital Markets Briefing analyses emergency measures relating to Covid-19 pandemic including:

  • ECB Recommendation on Dividend Distributions by Credit Institutions
  • EBA Provides Clarity to Banks and Consumers on the Application of the Prudential Framework in Light of Covid-19 Measures
  • Basel III: Governors and Heads of Supervision Announce Deferral of Basel III Implementation to Increase Operational Capacity of Banks and Supervisors to Respond to Covid-19
  • Ban on Short Selling
  • Suspension of Deadlines for Procedural Acts and Suspension of Instalment Payments for Debtors Having Applied for or Currently in Debt Settlement Agreements Under Laws 4605/2019, 4469/2017 And 3869/2010
  • Suspension of Deadlines for the Presentation and Payment of Cheques
  • Joint Ministerial Decision 21159/27.03.2020 on the Temporary Suspension of the Judicial System and Act of Legislative Content Dated 30 March 2020 on Measures to Address the Pandemic of Covid-19 and Other Urgent Provisions.

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Banking, Finance & Capital Markets Briefing: Covid-19 Special Edition

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