July 2020 Monthly Tax Briefing

July’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers the significant changes introduced by the new tax Law 4714/31.7.2020, providing tax incentives to individuals and transposing EU legislation to domestic law, including:

  • New Tax Regime for Pensioners who Transfer their Tax Residence to Greece
  • Tax Treatment of Share Plans
  • Out-of-Court Settlement of Tax Disputes in the Context of Legal Proceedings
  • Retrospective Application of Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs)
  • ATAD - Exit Taxation Rules
  • ATAD - Hybrid Mismatches
  • Tax Dispute Resolution Mechanism between EU Member States
  • Mandatory Automatic Exchange of Information in the Field of Taxation in Relation to Reportable Cross-Border Arrangements (DAC 6)
  • Registration Tax on Passenger Vehicles and Trucks
  • Gift Tax Exemption for Movable Assets Located Outside Greece
  • Gift Tax on Parental Gifts
  • VAT - Call-off Stock Arrangements
  • VAT - Place of Intracommunity Acquisition and Taxable Amount in the Delivery of Goods, Intracommunity Acquisition and Supply of Services

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July 2020 Monthly Tax Briefing

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