April 2021 Monthly Tax Briefing

April's Monthly Tax Briefing covers recent developments in tax legislation, including:

  • Ministerial Decision No. 39937/2021 Sets Out the Terms and Conditions for the Designation of a Natural Person as an 'Angel Investor' in Start-ups
  • Ministerial Decision No. A1082/2021 Provides for the Indicative Cases Where Persons Included in Article 50 of Law 4174/2013 are not Liable for the Non-Payment of Debts of a Legal Person or Entity
  • Decision A.1087/2021 Provides Guidelines on the Application Process for Individuals who Wish to Relocate in Greece Under the Special Tax Regime of Article 5Γ of Law 4172/2013 for Employees, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers

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April Monthly tax briefing

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