Getting the Deal Through Loans and Secured Financing 2023

Athanasia Tsene contributes the Greece Chapter to GTDT Loans and Secured Financing, published by Law Business Research with Michael Chernick and Tomasz Kulawik of Shearman & Sterling LLP as contributing editors.

The title covers all aspects of the leveraged loan and secured lending markets and includes expert analysis on: advantages and disadvantages of bank loans versus debt securities, common forms of bank loan facility, bridge facilities, role of agents, trustees and lenders, governing laws, regulation (capital, liquidity and disclosure) requirements, use of loan proceeds, cross-border lending, interest rate and currency restrictions, security interests and guarantees, the impact of fraudulent conveyance and similar doctrines on the structure of bank loan financings, intercreditor matters, loan terms and structures and recent trends.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in Getting the Deal Through: Loans and Secured Financing 2023, (published in July 2023). For further information please visit

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GTDT Loans and Secured Financing 2023

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